One of the most influential TKD instructors and overall mentors of my adolescence. He will push you and ask you to challenge yourself, and demand more from yourself, than you would have otherwise. Through his guidance you will achieve a higher understanding of your physical and mental strength. His lessons in fortitude have followed me though college and to this day. I Will always highly recommend this man as a mentor, and thank you for more than Tae Kwon Do lessons Master Brown.

Rachel Gruner

My 9 year old grandson has been a student of Master Brown. I try to go there as often as i can. He instills self respect and respect for others in his students. From tiny tots to adults, I have seen them train and I admire Master Brown for his patience, skills and don't tell him.... His sense of humor. Thank you Master Brown.

Jacob's Nana

Attention to detail, dedication, passion, excellence, are just a few of the virtues that Master Brown influences his students with, incorporated in all his teachings. Thanks Master Brown!

Israel Quinones

You know Master Brown you were an integral part of molding our daughter into the young lady she is today. We couldn't be any more proud of her and her work ethic. Thank you for everything, from Paul and me. Thank you Master Brown.

The Liebenberg's